1. Pipe in exterior wall       Remedy: foam insulate the exterior wall and try to pull the pipes out of the exterior wall as much as possible. Give it enough space for the foam to cover the gap. Rule of thumb 21 R-value or 33/4” of insulation.
  2. Pipe in garage ceiling    remedy: Foam insulate the joist cavity or fiberglass pipe insulation around the pipe.
  3. Pipe in attic. Some plumbers use that space for running the rain shower through the attic. It is not recommended   but if that’s the only option, you would have to to do a fiberglass insulation around the pipe.
  1. Toilet Leaking remedy: change the toilet flapper in the tank
  2. Leaky faucet remedy: change the cartridge or seat
  3. Laundry faucet trap seal primer remedy: check the floor drain close to the laundry tub , basin. Turn the lights off and point the flashlight at the floor drain. If there’s continuous water flow, it’s a leaky faucet ( 99% happened when the hot water tap failed), remedy: change the laundry faucet

Almost 90% of water hammering problems in residential units are caused by a failure in the faucet cartridge. It could also be caused by high water velocity and pressure in the piping system.

Remedy: Change the faulty faucet cartridge(e), install a water hammer arrester on the hot water tank hot line. Connect water hammer arresters to the hot and cold water in the washing machine. Install an air chamber in your highest shower faucet (certified plumber only)

  1. Extreme hot water ( above 140 ) could cause a rupture in your neoprene cartridge seals and cause leaks.
  2. Water hardness: The higher the level of water hardness, the higher the possibility of
  3. Poor quality material: always buy standard and certified faucets and material
  4. Poor installation. Always hire a certified plumber
  5. Lifetime period : like every manmade product, cartridges have a limited life expectancy. Most of the manufacturers have FREE cartrdiges with FREE shippping, like MOEN, Amercian standars, or Belanger.
  1. Increase the size of the main water line. It may need a permit from the city you live in. Hire a contractor to do what needs to be done in the unit.
  2. Install a booster pump after the water meter. It’s the easiest and more cost effective than digging the front yard and changing the main water service.
  3. Always check your faucet aerator : unscrew the faucet aerators and blow wash the screens away.
  4. Check your water meter: old water meters kill the pressure. Change to a new one. You can call your municipality to change it for FREE.
  5. Bending in pipe: Check if there is bending in your main line pipe right before the water meter.
  6. Old curb stop valve: Some of the curb stop valves are rusted, filled with dirt and don’t function very well. Call the city and ask them to change it. It may help a lot.
  7. Use PEX pipes: They are clean and flexible. You don’t need to use hundreds of elbows in your piping system that kills the pressure.
  8. Use a strainer if you have well water and clean it regularly.
  1. Pull out as much hair as possible stuck in the drain. Use a tiny wire and bend the tip. It’s a bit nasty, but better to spend $$$ calling plumbers.
  2. Use a plunger. Plungers are still the most cost effective way to pull the hair out.
  3. Hand snake: every house hold has a hand snake in their garage. Hand drain snakes are very handy and always good for small objects.
  4. Electric snake: you can always rent an electric drain snakes from Home Depot, but we strongly recommend hiring a professional plumber to do that.
  5. Drain solution liquids. Acidic drain liquids are not the best option, but you can still use them for minor clogs. Make sure you read the whole instruction before you apply.