Mekco supply cooperate with many top brands in plumbing industries from pipes manufactures to tools suppliers, also Mekco supply has close connection and interaction with local plumbers.

This is let us to know about need and changes in plumbing industries one of the companies that we have close connection with and proud to work with is Lesso.

Lesso has been in industries for many years and been creating high quality fitting.

To sustain its flawless plastic injection-molded product line and sales network, LESSO America manufactures and delivers high-quality plastic fittings with the latest injection mold tools and technology through distribution centers from coast to coast. With 100% dedication and commitment, LESSO America is leveraging the inherited success of its mother company’s model to provide an outstanding customer experience for our clients. LESSO America ‘s plastic fittings line is renowned worldwide for its superior quality, which complies with cNSFus and cUPC certifications, and exceeds the requirements of ASTM standards.

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