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BOSCH – 12 pc. Daredevil Standard Spade Bit Set – DSB5012


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Bosch Daredevil® spade bits deliver the fastest drilling performance possible through the wood, up to 10X faster than conventional spade bits. The bit is a full-cone threaded tip that pulls it through the wood, offering best-in-class speed through 2x4s. Ideal for clean-boring a lot of holes through wood fast to run conduit or pipe, these bits deliver a drilling speed and a force performance that sets them apart; these are not bits for countersinking or Dowling. The spur-and-reamer feature on each Daredevil spade bit clears chips better, for a cleaner hole. The contoured paddle design also helps with chip removal, contributing to the fast performance. The hex shank with a power groove reduces bit slippage in the drill and makes it suitable for use with a variety of drill types, including impact drills. Do not use in a drill press.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm